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Become part of Fortuna's large, business network!

In recent years, Fortuna has made huge strides in the commercial field. Together, they form the largest business network in Limburg. Fortuna also plays an important role in achieving business success for its business relations. All the more reason to join the Fortuna Business Club.

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The Fortuna Sittard Stadion is the place to meet other entrepreneurs from the region. With one of our Memberships you will join the largest business network in Limburg.

Premium Membership

With a Premium Membership you take maximum advantage of the business networking opportunities Fortuna has to offer. You watch the matches from the most central seats and enjoy all inclusive hospitality at the highest level in the Rabobank Lounge every match. Furthermore, you are guaranteed access to all networking activities and you can park in the stadium garage. Naturally, you will have access to the business app, where you can get in touch, proactively or in collaboration with your relationship manager, with contacts of interest to you.

Business Membership

Does networking not have the highest priority for you and do you mainly want to enjoy the matches from a comfortable cinema seat? Then the Business Membership is the perfect solution for you. You will have access to the Brand Beer Lounge before, during and after the match, where you can provide your guests with drinks and street food. After the match, snacks will be served. As an added bonus, you will be invited to the New Year's reception and the sparkling closing of the soccer season.

Young Business Membership

During home games of Fortuna, the stadium is the largest networking circuit in Limburg. In practice, joining networks of this size does not always prove easy for young, ambitious professionals. There is often a big difference in age between the established order and the high potentials of tomorrow. Boarding can also be a (too) high barrier financially to business maneuvering. For that reason, Fortuna also offers Young Business Membership, a platform for entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 40. Same incentives as Premium Membership, at extremely interesting pricing.


Besides the beautifully renovated Business areas, the Fortuna Sittard Stadion also has 13 skyboxes. Wondering in what kind of ways you can enjoy the ultimate hospitality experience in a skybox?

Various skyboxes

The Fortuna Sittard Stadion has luxurious hospitality boxes, with a beautiful view on the pitch. A skybox is pre-eminently the product for parties that regard relationship management as their highest priority. The skyboxes are available in various sizes and can be furnished according to your wishes. You can also use your own skybox on non-matchdays for a meeting or presentation, for example.

Skybox '54

The Skybox '54 model is unique within the Fortuna Business Club. Would you like to enjoy a high-end weekly experience with more than 100 business relations in a private setting? Then a Skybox '54 Membership with all-inclusive hospitality is the ideal concept for you. This exclusive membership also gives you access to the Rabobank and the Brand Beer Lounge. In short, an all-inclusive membership in which all the beauty that Fortuna Sittard has to offer flows seamlessly together.


For companies, partnering with a professional football club is interesting in several ways. Perhaps most interesting is the massive exposure that clubs can realize for companies among a target audience that is very emotionally involved with the product. Curious?

Boarding off-TV

The Fortuna Sittard Stadion offers numerous opportunities for branding in different locations. There are opportunities to advertise visibly on TV, but there are also opportunities to advertise purely for those present in the stadium. The so-called off-TV exposure. This can be done via LED boarding (before the game and during halftime) as well as fixed boarding.

Boarding on-TV

Following on from the off-TV story, it is of course also possible to create awareness in front of the entire Netherlands. This can be done by means of on-TV boarding. Again, it is possible to do this through LED boarding (live during the match), but also through fixed boarding on and off the playing field.

Video walls

The Fortuna Sittard Stadion has two large video walls (5x3 meters). Not only do the walls provide more experience around a match, they also offer plenty of opportunities for prominent exposure. Your company name and/or logo with moving images for approximately 10,000 spectators; ideal to promote your company.

TV Circuit

In blocks of 15 seconds you can stand out through a still or moving advertisement on as many as five screens in the main building. The screens are situated in high-traffic areas such as the various business areas and Skybox '54.

VIP Experience

At Fortuna, it is possible to experience a match from the perspective of the technical staff. And this is within the framework of the VIP Experience. Within this concept, people get the chance to watch an Eredivisie match from the field, taking a seat in a dugout with luxury seats. This experience accommodates eight people and also includes a three-course dinner prior to the match and access to the all inclusive business area.

Match partner

The match partnership is more attractive than ever! Not only will you be provided with maximum hospitality and exposure for an entire evening, your company will also be visible on the triangular billboards in the region leading up to the match. The match partner will also receive an advertisement in the matchday-magazine and the stadium announcer will mention the company name several times during the match. 

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