Fortuna moves on after minimal victory

01 November 2023
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2023 Sparta Nijkerk Fortuna Halilvoic

Fortuna won its first match in the KNVB Cup tournament. A minimal victory was enough to reach the next round.

Danny Buijs was forced to make some changes.The head coach was unable to call on Dimitrios Siovas, Oguzhan Özyakup, Tijjani Noslin and Iñigo Córdoba. As a result, Siemen Voet and Ragnar Oratmangoen made their first official appearances. The same was true for goalkeeper Luuk Koopmans.

It was the home team that first sought the attack at sports complex De Ebbenhorst. Sparta Nijkerk did not keep that up for long, after which Fortuna was allowed to make the play. It hardly succeeded. The best opportunity to open the score was for Kaj Sierhuis, the striker was unable to promote a cross from Iman Griffith to the opening goal.

In the remainder of the first half, there were hardly any chances to be created. Remy Vita, Loreintz Rosier and Sierhuis tried, but without success. Sparta Nijkerk tried just before the halftime signal with a header from Janic Makizolida, but the captain's effort disappeared over Koopmans' goal. As a result the 0-0 remained on the scoreboard until the tea break.

Buijs decided to make two changes at halftime; Mitchell Dijks came in for Vita, Ivor Pandur replaced the injured Koopmans. The picture remained the same.The game was mainly played in the Sparta Nijkerk half, without any real chances.

Ten minutes before time Fortuna had the perfect opportunity to prevent an extension. Milan Robberechts came in and was brought down in the penalty area. Alen Halilovic wanted to touch down from eleven meters, but had to postpone. A smoke bomb was thrown onto the pitch from the home box, temporarily halting the match.

After the break Halilovic remained cool: 0-1. Sparta Nijkerk, until then solid at the back, had to take more risks. It resulted in some precarious moments, with Ivo Pinto and Pandur having to act. Just before the final whistle Marko Lazetic went close, but his effort hit the post.

The victory secured Fortuna the second round of the KNVB Cup. The draw will take place on November 4.

Line-up: Koopmans (46’ Pandur), Pinto, Guth, Voet, Vita (46’ Dijks), Duarte, Rosier, Halilovic, Griffith (85’ Lazetic), Sierhuis (72’ Belkheir) en Oratmangoen (72’ Robberechts).