Fortuna must acknowledge its superiority to Twente

09 October 2023
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2023 Fortuna Twente Ozyakup

Fortuna ended Sunday afternoon's match against FC Twente with a heavy defeat. The Tukkers were 0-3 too strong.

Buijs had some surprising changes in store. Marko Lazetic was preferred to Iñigo Córdoba, leaving Alen Halilovic to the flank. Kaj Sierhuis took over the spot behind the striker from the Croatian. In addition, youth goalkeeper Boaz Broekmans was allowed on the reserve bench for the first time.

The changes had no effect. FC Twente was on top from the first whistle and with fifteen minutes on the clock this was converted into a goal. Sem Steijn worked a dropped ball towards Ivor Pandur's goal, after which Manfred Ugalde's final push was enough to give the visitors the lead. In the remainder of the first half FC Twente remained the dominant side, Fortuna did little in return. Sierhuis had the best opportunity just before half-time, but the striker was unable to get his foot behind the ball properly.

The second half had hardly begun when FC Twente doubled the margin. Youri Regeer got all the space he needed to shoot and used it optimally. With a well-aimed curling ball into the top corner he left goalkeeper Pandur hopeless. In the closing stages of the match Mouhamed Belkheir picked up an unfortunate red card. The striker went in search of the tying goal from an offside position, but collided with goalkeeper Lars Unnerstall. After the VAR intervened, Belkheir was sent off the pitch. A few minutes later substitute Ricky van Wolfswinkel headed the 0-3 against the ropes.

Line-up: Pandur, Pinto, Guth, Siovas, Vita (87' Voet), Duarte, Özyakup (64' Rosier), Sierhuis (64' Belkheir), Halilovic (87' Oratmangoen), Lazetic (46' Cordoba) en Noslin.