Fortuna forgets to score against Ajax

04 September 2023
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2023 Fortuna Ajxa Belkheir

In a packed Fortuna Sittard Stadion, Fortuna took one point against Ajax on Sunday afternoon. As a result, the Sittard formation goes into the international break with an unbeaten status.

In the opening phase, Fortuna midfielder Alen Halilovic got the hands of the fans several times with a number of high-level plays. After just under ten minutes of play, the agile midfielder delivered the ball to Tijjani Noslin, the speedy attacker was brought down by Devyne Rensch in the penalty area. Referee Sander van der Eijk did not hesitate for a second and pointed to the spot. Noslin got behind the ball himself; however, he shot hard over. A clear windfall for the guests, who continued to play at a slow pace.

Fortuna played well organized and gave away few chances. The most threatening player on the Amsterdam side was Brian Brobbey. Twice he was dangerous before halftime. After a short rush he could only be stopped with difficulty by some Fortuna defenders just before the half hour. In the extra time of the first half Brobbey shot beautifully from a difficult angle, the goal was cancelled for offside.

After the break Ajax played at a slightly higher pace, but this did not lead to any real chances from flowing combinations. After 53 minutes the ball suddenly came at the feet of Gastón Vella, one of the many new faces in the guests' side. His shot disappeared over the crossbar. The tension was palpable in the stadium, the Fortuna supporters went massively behind their team. Fortuna was dangerous again through Noslin, who wormed his way past three opponents and shot in quickly. Ajax goalkeeper Jay Gorter saved skilfully.

In the closing stages Fortuna refused to settle for a draw, coach Danny Buijs instructed his players to disrupt Ajax's build-up early on. Fortuna came close to scoring the opening goal just before the end, when Rodrigo Guth's header was cleared off the line by Kristian Hlynsson. Substitute Remy Vita also created some danger, but his cross from the back line failed to reach a player. After national champion Feyenoord, Ajax also had to experience that Fortuna Sittard is not easy to beat.

After a short break due to international soccer, Fortuna plays at home again on Saturday, September 16 at 20.00 hrs. FC Volendam will be the opponent.

Line-up: Pandur, Pinto, Guth, Siovas, Dijks (73’ Vita), Rosier, Duarte, Halilovic (88’ Özyakup), Córdoba (88’ Oratmangoen), Belkheir (64’ Sierhuis), Noslin (88’ Griffith)