Fortuna Women loses to strong Twente

21 May 2023
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Omslag Fortuna Twente

Kickoff was taken and both teams began the Eredivisie Cup semifinals.

In the 15th minute, Hildur created the first chance for the home team through the middle of a hard cross, but unfortunately it did not find a fellow player. Ten coins later Feli Delacauw had a great chance at the opening goal, but her shot landed on the post. Not much later, FC Twente Women managed to score the opening goal. With a score of 0-1 both teams went into halftime.

After halftime, the second half started and Fortuna brought in a substitution. Maria stayed in and was replaced by Charlotte Hulst. FC Twente Women also brought in a substitution and Inge Tijink was replaced by Lois Niënhuis. In the 51st minute, FC Twente managed to double the lead. Kalma scored and brought the score to 0-2. Then, in the 56th minute, Farkhunda entered the field for Feli.

Viet minutes after the substitution, FC Twente managed to score again. Bente Jansen curled the ball from the tip of the penalty area into the far top corner and made it 0-3. The match continued and FC Twente became more dominant. In the 75th minute, Kalma scored again, making the score 0-4.

In the end, the match ended with a 0-4 victory for FC Twente Women. They played a strong match and managed to maintain their lead. Fortuna Women could not score any goals and had to settle for defeat.