Fortuna Women win their second match as well

18 September 2023
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Omslag FEY FOR

The match between Feyenoord Women and Fortuna Women ended in an away victory for the visiting team led by Roger Reijners.

The first half began with fast-paced actions from both sides. Both teams displayed a strong desire to maintain control of the game. Opportunities were created, but the goalkeepers were vigilant and kept their goals clean. However, in the 23rd minute, it was the home team that opened the scoring. With a beautiful long-range shot, the Rotterdammers surprised Claire Dinkla.

Less than ten minutes later, Roger Reijners' team found the back of the net. After a splendid solo run by Charlotte Hulst, Jarne Teulings was ready to tap in her cross into an open goal. The former needed only three minutes after the opening goal to completely turn the game around. Charlotte Hulst managed to touch the ball at the last moment to guide it past the goalkeeper and over the goal line.

The second half brought a flurry of substitutions as both teams adjusted their strategies to gain an advantage. The intensity of the game remained high. In the 74th minute, Fortuna Women made a double substitution, with Chandra Davidson and Feli Delacauw coming on for Charlotte Hulst and Jarne Teulings.

With just a few minutes left to play, the highlight of the match occurred. In the 85th minute, Tessa Wullaert beautifully slotted the ball into the net, giving Fortuna a 1-3 lead. In the closing stages of the game, there were more substitutions made on the Fortuna side. María Ólafsdóttir Grós replaced Amber van Heeswijk, and Hanna Huizenga entered the field for Tessa Wullaert. The final whistle sounded after 90 minutes of intense battle. Fortuna Women emerged victorious with a final score of 1-3 against Feyenoord Women.