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Will you walk with us during Walk for Life 2023

17 January 2023
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Fortuna is more than just football. One of the objectives of the proud premier league club from Limburg is to connect people in the region and promote a healthy lifestyle. By doing so, Fortuna helps to create a (slightly) better world.

With that in mind, Fortuna, in cooperation with the Fortuna SC supporters association and the Kennedy Mars Sittard organization, will organize a Walk for Life on Easter Saturday, April 8, 2023. On this day everyone -from young to old and from super fit to disabled- together with a delegation of Fortuna representatives can participate in the Mini-March (10 km). The well-groomed walk will be run in a memorable "yellow-green" ambiance. The walk is an official part of the famous Kennedy march of the city of Sittard.

The collective start is at noon from the marketplace in Sittard. Participants will wear a unique Walk For Life shirt. The Mini-March leads through the church villages of Einighausen and Limbricht and is mainly on flat and paved roads. When you finish the Mini-Mars in accordance with the rules you will receive a medal of the Mini-Mars. For more practical information about the march (route, etc) please refer to the official Kennedymars-page.


Registration for adults is €16,- euro and for youth up to 14 years €8,- euro. Registration is possible until March 17, 2023 via the webshop. By signing up you officially join the Mini March in a wonderful atmosphere, you get an official Fortuna "Walk for Life" shirt, a free ticket (south tribune) for the match Fortuna - AZ Alkmaar (April 16, 2023) and you directly support our charity (CSR) of Fortuna.