Fortuna wins with needed effort from De Ster

10 October 2023
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Fortuna finished the practice match against RKSV De Ster victoriously, although it went with difficulty.

Fortuna started the game as could be expected with attacking intentions. Early on it resulted in a huge chance for Ragnar Oratmangoen, who shot the ball high over on a pass from Iman Griffith. The tone was set, as the following minutes continued to be one-way traffic. Again Oratmangoen, Mouhamed Belkheir and Milan Robberechts had good chances to open the score.

However, it was the home team that opened the scoring. After an alleged handsball by Siemen Voet, the referee pointed to the penalty spot. Frank Kamps unwrapped the gift by sending goalkeeper Luuk Koopmans the wrong way: 1-0. A few minutes later, De Ster had a chance to double the margin, but Diyar Acik's effort rolled past Koopmans' goal.

In the second half, Fortuna struggled to create chances. The ball was moving around a lot, but no real chances were created. By bringing in some fresh players, head coach Danny Buijs hoped to change that. In the end, it was the substitutes who turned the game around.

Tijjani Noslin shot the equalizer in the closing stages of the game. The striker saw his effort hit from an awkward angle, sending the ball over the goalkeeper into the far corner. Not much later a shot changed direction again, this time the effort was by Kaj Sierhuis: 1-2. The best of the evening came in the name of the same Sierhuis. The striker looked to combine with Noslin in the De Ster's sixteen and finished coolly.

Koopmans, Griffith, Fofana, El-Taibi (68' Pinto), Voet, Córdoba (46' Vita), Rosier, Schenkhuizen (68' Özyakup), Robberechts, Belkheir (68' Sierhuis), Ortamangoen (68' Noslin).